Connect, Volunteer, Support...Make a difference!

Connect, Volunteer, Support...Make a difference!

iConnectX the only social platform where Professionals network with Executives, Experts and Companies to support the Nonprofit Community.


How does it work?

Professionals buy donated time from Executives and Experts through our Private Bridge (patent pending), monies collected are donated to registered Nonprofits. Members don’t even have to search for connections, our iConnectX Rules Engine provides the perfect matchmaker, recommending connections between Professionals, Executives, Experts and Nonprofits.

Charity/Nonprofit Community

  • Raise Money
  • Promote Volunteer Opportunities, Programs, Events & Auctions
  • Recruit Sponsors
  • Generate Direct Donations

Professionals, Executives, Experts

  • Expand your Professional network
  • Build your personal brand
  • Share your experience and expertise
  • Make a difference through your social responsibility!
How iConnectX Nonprofits Charity Professionals Platform Works

What do I need to do?

Just register at No upfront costs or monthly fees, quickly set-up your profile, Nonprofit or company page with your logo and content. Join now! Go to and click on register.

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